Broadcast emails - policy and procedures

To provide announcements between staff, faculty and/or students of the Museum/School of the Art Institute, Information Services and the SAIC Web and E-Communications department provide a way for individuals to send broadcast e-mail messages on approved subjects. All broadcast e-mail messages are subject to authorization and approval. All e-mail users are placed into one of the five distribution lists below based on their primary role with the institution. The sixth list, All Users, combines all e-mail users into one master list.

Target audience Email address:
Museum staff
Central Administration staff*
School staff
All users (everyone listed above)

* All messages sent to Museum Staff or School Staff will also be sent to Central Administration Staff unless an exception is requested.

SAIC requests please note: If a more specific group is needed, please specify criteria to determine this group in the request e-mail and SAIC will determine if a data query is possible to create such a group. Please allow an additional 2-4 business days to accommodate this type of request.

Procedures for Broadcast E-mail Messages

  • Announcements should be written within the body of an e-mail message.
  • Attachments can NOT be distributed with a broadcast e-mail message.
  • The message must be from a valid account.
  • Staff and Faculty should submit their message directly to one or more of the user group e-mail addresses listed above.  NOTE:  It’s important for senders to determine when central administration staff and/or the museum or school staff should receive a particular message.
  • Students should submit their message to the Student Life Office ( one week prior to the intended broadcast date.
  • A receipt confirmation will be returned to the message originator. This confirmation does not mean that the message has been approved.  It only means that it was received and is being reviewed.
  • All messages will be reviewed based on the approved subjects identified below.
  • Message originators will be notified by e-mail if a message is sent for further review.
  • After approval is received, messages will then be sent within 1 to 2 business days. Administrative/operational messages are usually sent within 24 hours.  Please plan accordingly.
  • For urgent message requests, cancellations or other special handling, please contact the following:
    Museum and Central Administration:
    Information Services TSS HelpDesk at 312-499-4000 for Museum and central administration related messages; or

    School of the Art Institute  of Chicago:
    Rae Ulrich 312.629-6131 for SAIC related messages.

Approved Subjects for Broadcast E-mail Distribution:

In general, the following subjects are suitable for broadcast e-mail distribution:

  • Announcements of Museum/School sponsored and/or hosted programs and events;
  • Announcements from administrative offices such as the President’s and/or Director’s Office, Human Resources, Payroll, and Public Affairs;
  • Security, building access and general safety alerts and notifications;
  • Notifications of network, system and phone service interruptions and downtime;
  • Notices of general operational policies and procedures;
  • Meeting notices for Museum/School sponsored classes, organizations and groups (please note that this would not include meeting minutes or large documents; these materials should be shared via a portal group);
  • Calls for grant proposals or applications for exhibition opportunities related to or sponsored by SAIC;
  • Other general Museum/School related messages as approved by the Assistant Officers (Vice Presidents) and/or Officers (Presidents and EVPs).

Requests to send broadcast e-mails may be forwarded to an Assistant Officer and/or Officer for review and approval.

Last Modified: September 16, 2010