Student & faculty computing

Computer Resources and Information Technology (CRIT)

The department of Computer Resources and Information Technology acts as the computer resources, information, and coordination department for administrative, academic, and student users within the SAIC community. CRIT maintains a website with information regarding computing labs, the Laptop Program, printing resources, and much more.

Visit the CRIT website

Most of the articles on startIT are applicable to students, staff and faculty. However, there are resources on the Academic Resources tab of the SAIC Portal which include additional information on printing and computing resources for the SAIC community. You can also access most of this content directly using the links below:

Laptop Program

For students participating in the Laptop Program, CRIT produces a Laptop Program Guide which answers most of the common questions you may have about using your laptop. It covers everything from navigating and saving files, to burning CDs and DVDs, to connecting to SAIC's wireless network.

Download Download the Laptop Guide

IRFM equipment manuals & user guides

The Department of Instructional Resources and Facilities Management (IRFM) offers PDF guides for use by students and faculty in the SAIC community. IRFM's Media Services division develops technical guides explaining how to use equipment available from the Media Centers. For additional information on other resources and facilities available to students and faculty, visit IRFM's website.

Instructional Guides from Media Center Workshops and Training